There is no more stable investment than real estate.  And there is no greater profit potential in real estate than with tax deeds and tax liens.

Tax deed properties can be very tricky, usually with tax liens and mortgages associated with them.  Other liens are also often associated with these properties such as utility and homeowner association liens.  Not only that, but the various processes typically vary from county to county.  In addition, there are significant state to state differences in laws associated with how the process occurs and is completed.  For example, some states have laws allowing the original owner more than a year to legally dispute the sale.

If you are going to invest into this type of real estate, it is strongly urged that you work with people that know the very important details of each county and state your funds will be invested in.  We at TEA Real Estate, LLC have a very deep understanding of the nuances of each county we conduct business in.  In addition, we have access to a national database of upcoming real estate tax auctions.  Our database is constantly updated of upcoming real estate tax auctions for all of the 3000+ counties in the United States.  If there is an auction coming up, we know about it and research all potential properties.

If we decide to work with each other, you will be the only investor involved with a particular deal.  The typical investment funds required range from $20,000 to $100,000.  However, we do frequently find excellent opportunities ranging all the way up to $1,000,000 or more.  Regardless of the size of the deal, we do all of the research and execution of the deal from start to finish.  You are kept fully informed of each phase of the deal.  Most deals, from start to finish, are usually less than a year.  Proceeds are first used to cover expenses that we initially agreed upon, and then the remaining is split 50/50 between TEA Real Estate, LLC and our investor.

Below is an example of research you will be presented for a potential deal.

Assessment sheet example.xlsx – Property Info